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Getting Your Fair Share of Long-Term Care


Earlier this year, Washington State passed the first ever payroll tax to fund long-term care needs for its residents. Effective on January 1st of 2022, Washington state residents will be subject to a 0.58% payroll tax to fund this program, designed to alleviate pressure on the Medicaid system. While this may be a benefit to…

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Bell Ringer

Market Content | Optimism

For ages, we’ve rung bells to mark significant moments.   In medieval times, bells alerted residents of storms, fires, wars and other events, and for centuries church belfries have invited congregants to gather in worship or prayer.  It’s had its place in markets too—for the last 150 years a ringing bell has marked the opening and…

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Generosity and Donor-Advised Funds

Culture and Values | Optimism | Planning

Good Morning and Happy Friday! A couple weeks ago we touched on what an extraordinary year 2020 was for many different reasons. Of particular note has been the extraordinary “rise to the occasion” of you, our clients and friends of the firm, as many have stepped forward with generosity and care for others. Despite all…

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Stay Calm & Survive Tax Season

Culture and Values | Planning

Greetings! Life seems to always pick up the pace in the month of February. For us, we start thinking about all of the appetizers we plan on eating when watching the Super Bowl (we won’t tell you our pick!). It is also when we start thinking about taxes. While not the most glamorous topic we’ve…

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The Game(Stop)

Market Content

Good afternoon!  We’d wager a bet that many of you (non-video gamers) hadn’t heard of GameStop until recently, but the company has certainly captured national attention in the past few weeks as the stock soared on what in market speak is called a massive “short squeeze.”   For the sake of brevity, we’ll summarize by…

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Market Content | Optimism

Extraordinary is an apt, though perhaps too kind, word for 2020.  I’m sure we all could come up with a few choice words to describe the past twelve months.  It certainly wasn’t ordinary and it had plenty of “extra”, so I guess we’ll go with that one for now.  Extraordinary is also a good description…

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