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Coronavirus and Combatting Fear

Market Content | Planning

Good Monday morning!  We sent a note on coronavirus and market turbulence mid-week last week.  We noted that the news may get worse before it gets better and since then we’ve certainly seen more market declines and headlines that tempt us to fear and frazzle. This one touches each of our day to day lives in a way unlike…

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Coronavirus & Recent Market Turbulence

Market Content

Since we sent our 2020 market outlook letter just over a month ago, investors have added coronavirus to the list of near-term worries. We certainly don’t blame anyone for feeling unsettled about this global—though still mostly limited to China—health threat and we have plenty of compassion for those directly affected. Prior to this week, global markets had…

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Easing into Tax Season


Greetings and Happy Tax Season! Maybe not the most fun topic of the year but we wanted to take the opportunity to help you ease into the season by offering a few tips and tax updates you may want to consider. There were several updates to the 2020 Retirement Savings Laws (SECURE Act) that we wanted…

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New Decade, Same Optimism

Market Content | Optimism

Happy New Year! We welcome 2020 with great hope and expectation for the years ahead. A decade ago, we were less than a year off the bottom after one of the worst bear markets in history as the global financial crisis unfolded in 2008 and 2009. Things didn’t feel so great at the time with…

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Bears and Warthogs, Oh My.

Market Content | Planning

Our bodies are a wonder; a delicately balanced mix of interconnected systems that help us navigate the world around us. One example is the stress response system and we thought it might be fun to dive in to see what it can teach us about successful investing. Hang with us, we promise we’ll bring it around. When…

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Culture and Values | Optimism

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” -Helen Keller Congratulations, you made the Tschetter Group mailing list! In all seriousness, you’re reading this because we consider you a friend and someone we’d like to help if it’s ever needed. Maybe someday you’ll need a partner to…

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