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“Context is decisive” – Werner Erhard

Conscious or not, each of us—individually and collectively—operate inside of a context. A set of narratives, sometimes created by us and sometimes for us, some helpful and some not, powerfully shapes our thoughts and actions. We are ultimately responsible for the narratives we choose, and they are decisive.

Your Tschetter team has been chewing on this idea for the past few months with the help of a new coach (an ongoing part of our commitment to getting better for you). Suddenly, something sparked and changed EVERYTHING:

We ARE the preeminent wealth generating and wealth advisory firm.

And just like that, context is created.

At first, it struck us as foolish, maybe even delusional. Says who? Based on what evidence? Says us. And no evidence required, but we intend to pile up plenty.

Here are our markers of preeminence:

  • Depth of our relationships
  • Uncommon excellence of our investment results
  • Unsolicited praise from our clients

Notice none of this exists without you. You are our raison d’etre, our reason for being. Thank you for generating the whole life-giving thing with us.

Why do we feel compelled to declare this publicly? I guess you could see it as a commitment, something to which you can hold us accountable.

But that’s not really it. Consider it an invitation to join us on this journey of preeminence together. Your success is our success. Each conversation where we listen for and help create your context for life & money moves us deeper into ours. Each opportunity to mourn a loss, celebrate a win, tackle a thorny financial problem, navigate a tricky family or business relationship, learn from a mistake, or create a new possibility is included in the journey.

There is no shortage of competing narratives vying for control. You choose yours; let it be decisive, and rest assured we’re wholeheartedly with you in all of it.

With optimism,

Dustin Brumbaugh, CFA®, ADVISOR | CEO/CIO


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Throughout my entire career, I’ve been researching investments and managing portfolios, which is a passion, but the real joy for me is connecting that expertise and experience with clients through lifelong relationships. In other words, it’s the “why” and the “who” that turn my crank, not the “what.” Life is most fulfilling when I spend my time and energy in a way that is aligned with what and whom I love. I’m grateful to have that alignment in my work.