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I love listening to people share their passions for life. I enjoy offering encouragement, support and helping people to understand complex financial concepts. It’s fun to break down the financial jargon and to make it understandable to everyone.
The Quick Hello
It makes my day to bring joy and peace of mind to our clients.  Offering them an attentive ear can help them to go about their day with confidence that their financial needs are being look after with care and consideration. I am passionate about caring for our clients.
More about Amy
What does optimism look like to you? What does it mean to you?
Optimism is the result of laying the groundwork for success through goal setting and taking incremental steps that lay the foundation for personal achievement. Optimism is a spirit of remaining confident and secure even while facing adverse conditions. It is a feeling of peace knowing you built a life with solid relationships and remained committed to your goals.

What excites you about the future?
I am excited by continuing to grow both in my professional career and learning new ways to bring encouragement to my teammates and clients on a daily basis.

At the end of your career, how do you want to be valued?
I hope to be valued as a trusted partner.  Someone who people can rely on to bring peace of mind, especially in times of stress. I hope my work brings people the ability to enjoy their lives with confidence and gives them the freedom to spend more of their time pursuing their passions.

When you’re not working, I’ll find you…
If I’m not swimming, biking & running, you will find me traveling to spend time with my grown children.  It’s a fun stage of parenting to watch your children launch their young adult lives.

What’s your personal motto or tagline?
A favorite quote from Deena Kastor, American marathon record holder. “When you have the enthusiasm and the passion, you end up figuring how to excel.”

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