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At Tschetter Group, our mission is to give people optimism about life and money. As we’ve pressed into this mission, we’ve learned one of the most important components of inspiring optimism is to give people confidence in every financial decision they make. As the world evolves around us and we continue to get inundated with news through social media and other platforms, we have found the importance of cutting through the noise and prioritizing teaching sound financial literacy, especially to the next generation.

A recent study by Intuit found that two-thirds of the Gen Z population know it is important to invest, but they don’t know how or where to start.* That is why we have rolled out a new Next Generation Education curriculum as an act to engage the next generation and empower them to make smart financial decisions early. We believe increasing financial literacy, especially for young people, is a massive opportunity to set up the next generation for future financial success.

The Next Generation Education meetings will last 45 minutes and will be spent with a 30 minute educational program followed by 15 minutes of Q&A to specifically put together a game plan and roadmap for success for each individual. We will also provide a list of resources (including books, blogs, podcasts, etc.) that we have vetted and approve as financial resources.

Topics We Cover:

The power of compounding interest, the difference between saving and investing (and the vehicles to do so), budgeting, credit cards, and much more. We believe if we can provide young people with financial skills as the open their first bank account, apply for their first credit cards, or make their first investment, we can give the next generation a foundation to build optimism around life and money.


Who Is This For?

This material was created for people in 3 different phases of life:

  • high school students preparing for college
  • graduating college students preparing for life after graduation
  • young adults learning how to build



If you or anyone you know have teenagers or young adults that would benefit from these services, please let us know and we’d love to set up some time to help. We believe that this time spent making investments in helping people at the beginning of their financial journeys can have a massive long-term impact on families and generations to come.


Best, Kelli


*Source: “Gen Z Would Rather Talk About anything But Their Finances,“ Intuit (blog), January 23, 2023, https://www.intuit.com/blog/news-social/gen-z-would-rather-talk-about-anything-but-their-finances/

I am in the business of helping people always; whether that be in my relationships or my career. I value serving others and there is no greater joy than looking into someone’s eyes and knowing I served them well. I was drawn to this field because of my desire to come alongside people, learn about what is most important to them, and then diligently working to help those goals come into fruition.