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Greetings all – Happy Friday and Happy 4th !

We hinted that we’d found someone special when we announced Sheryl’s retirement last month. Well, it’s official, we are now thrilled to welcome Amy Burry to the team and introduce her to all of you!

Amy brings passion and drive to the task of caring for clients, with an others-first attitude that jives well with the values we hope to bring to our work every day. She’s already proven it for more than a decade in the wealth management industry and we can’t wait to see the difference she’ll make in our work with you. We’ve very purposefully chosen the words “Client Experience” for her role because she’ll be on the front lines delivering the day to day of the Tschetter Group way.

Amy’s also a fierce competitor. As in she likes to do half Ironman’s for fun. And it probably goes without saying that this sort of thing takes commitment, determination, and discipline. These are things that she would tell you she brings to her work and relationships. When we asked what “optimism” (one of our big words around here) meant to her, this is what she said: “It is a feeling of peace knowing you built a life with solid relationships and remained committed to your goals.” Indeed.

Other than a few years in a sunnier climate for college (can we blame her?), Amy is a life-long Bellevue area resident. She now has two grown kids; one in college and one just launching into career mode and she enjoys travelling to see them as they’re beginning to put down their own roots.

Though that’s certainly not all we could say about her, we hope you can see why we’re excited to have Amy here. Please join us in making her feel welcome. She’ll be busily getting up to speed in the coming weeks and I know she’s excited to meet you. And if you have a question or request that you would’ve directed to Sheryl, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Amy. She can be reached at amy@tschettergroup.com or on the main line (425) 998-9960.