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We are still in this together.  Even as we woke to an uncertain election outcome, that’s our overwhelming feeling and encouragement to you this morning.

We say this well aware of current reality.  Votes will likely be counted for days still and the courts may even be involved in deciding the outcome.  It’s clear, as embodied by the two presidential candidates, that our ideas about what will make for good leadership on decisive issues in the years ahead may be very different.  It appears we will keep a divided Congress.

And yet our lives, our families and friendships, and business will go on and we still have immense potential for future thriving.  The reality is our shared humanity makes us much more alike than our political or ideological differences would suggest.  And we wonder if we don’t have to choose one or the other.  Differences of opinion and the freedom to express them are one of the most defining and treasured gifts of our democracy.  But so is the founding declarative that we are “one nation, under God.”  We have great hope that we will continue to hold those wonderful ideals in a healthy tension.

At Tschetter Group, “togetherness” is in our DNA.  We very purposefully chose the word “Together” to follow “Everything Possible.”  They go hand in hand.  And in our mission to give people optimism about life and money we recognize that every family or individual that walks through our door has a different idea about what success looks like.  We must first understand their unique story and how we can best be with them for life as an advocate for their flourishing.

We said a few weeks ago that the noise leading up to and through the election could get loud and it certainly has.  Even so, let’s keep our sightlines above any near-term turbulence and not forget that we are indeed still together.