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It’s not often someone like Sheryl comes along. Just over five years ago we had the good fortune of her joining the team and boy are we grateful she did. We had the privilege of being the last stop on a career filled with professional accomplishment and stellar care for clients. Next month, she will embark on her next act, a well deserved retirement that we hope will (soon) be filled with travel and adventure. Many of you know travel has been a lifelong passion for her. Sheryl’s last “official” day is June 30, although she’s graciously agreed to be available to help with the transition into July and we hope we’ll get updates on her adventures well beyond that.

Reflecting on Sheryl’s contributions to our firm and clients brings too many different anecdotes and stories to share, and many reasons for gratitude. Big picture, it was no accident that she was with us during a significant time of transition as we prepared for and then launched Tschetter Group as an independent advisory firm. Her steadiness and dependability were key anchor points for us and clients as we launched this venture with a big dream to create something truly special for clients. In addition to being rock steady in day to day service, we’ve also benefited from her good ideas behind the scenes toward upping our collective “Tschetter Group game” for the benefit of clients.

We’ve been especially blessed with some great client service professionals over the years and Sheryl is undoubtedly among the best. She more than ably stepped into big shoes (Anne) when she arrived and no doubt leaves that challenge now to someone else. On that front, we are grateful to have that “someone” identified and expected to join us on July 1. We look forward to sharing more on that soon!

For now, please join us in extending a hearty “bravo and well done” in celebration of a wonderfully successful career and many outstanding contributions Sheryl’s delivered to us all.